Our Process

KINETIC Design & Construction process for churches.

Our design and construction process for churches is simple but effective. It provides the experience necessary to help you avoid the common mistakes encountered during many church building programs. We take what seems like an overwhelming task and break it down into four steps or phases.  Each step has purpose, goals and objectives that will help propel your church building program to the next stage.

What separates Kinetic from other firms in our area is the way we work with your church.  We encourage participation by the owner and provide an environment that is fun, creative, and challenges multiple design concepts.  Our collaborative and innovative approach provides a single-source building solution from discovery of your needs through occupancy of your new ministry space.

  • Alignment.

    The first step begins in the ministry vision phase of the project.  We call it Alignment. In the Alignment phase we examine financial feasibility, space needs, projects goals, and ministry vision to help you determine your readiness to move forward with the design of a building project. A relationship develops with the experienced team at Kinetic to implement our proven process to bring your vision for new ministry space to reality.

    Duration: 1 to 6 months.

  • Planning.

    The second step is where ministry vision is united with project vision into a feasible design concept. Kinetic will provide guidance for your church leadership during this conceptual phase of the project. Our cost-effective and time-saving method provides your ministry priceless tools necessary to cast the vision of expanding your ministry space by delivering floor plans, 3D visualizations, budgets, and timelines for financial and ministry planning.

    Duration: 3 to 4 months.

  • Design.

    Step three, design, is the convergence of vision, design collaboration, planning, and engineering. Our design process creates an environment that actively involves the church leadership. Having all the design and specialized consultants on our team promotes streamlined communication and workflow and ensures that the inspired vision you saw on blueprints will be realized, on time and according to the predetermined budget.

    Duration: 3 to 6 months.

  • Construction.

    The final step is construction. All the hard work in the previous steps have led to the physical work of constructing a new church facility. Your God-given vision becomes a reality as your church moves into a new season in the life of your ministry. The completed facility is now a means for ministry to your community and there is true ownership knowing the church leaders participated in the planning and design process.

    Duration: depends on the scope of the work.